10-Minutes Truffle Hot Sauce (Rich Earthy Flavors)

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Add truffle to your homemade Truffle Hot Sauce for a fiery kick with an earthy twist. This concoction is perfect for those who relish a gourmet touch to their meals. All you need is a blend of chili peppers, a dash of truffle oil, and a pinch of salt. Simmered to perfection, it’s the universal rule for upscale zing. You’ll get a sauce that’s a luxurious twist on a spicy classic.

Truffle Hot Sauce, Venturing through the bustling markets of Middle-Eastern cities, the vibrant tapestry of flavors always leaves me yearning for that unique kick in my culinary creations. 

On a similar quest in Europe, a serendipitous restaurant visit unveiled the marvel of truffle hot sauce—a fusion that’s a game-changer for the palate. Imagine the smoky depth of truffles meeting the fiery tang of chili peppers. 

Truffle Hot Sauce

My kids’ adventurous taste buds at home sparked the challenge to recreate this masterpiece. Remember that this isn’t just about heat; it’s a refined journey for your senses. Embrace this homemade truffle hot sauce recipe to elevate your dishes from mere meals to gastronomic experiences.

What Is Truffle Hot Sauce?

Truffle hot sauce is a gourmet condiment that combines the luxurious taste of truffles with the spicy heat of chili peppers. 

In this delectable fusion, the earthy and rich flavor of truffles is infused into a tangy hot sauce base, creating a complex and sophisticated profile perfect for enhancing a wide range of dishes. 

Research shows that adding truffle elevates the hot sauce, making it a universal rule in upscale dining and homemade recipe adventures. It’s ideal for those seeking to add an opulent twist to their culinary repertoire.

History Of Truffle Hot Sauce Recipe

The exact origins of truffle hot sauce are not clear-cut. Still, it’s believed to be a modern culinary innovation, likely emerging from the fusion cuisine movement that blends traditional ingredients in novel ways. 

This sauce likely owes its invention to forward-thinking chefs who sought to marry the decadence of truffles, historically enjoyed in European haute cuisine, with the universal appeal of hot sauce, a staple in many cultures worldwide. 

This combination has surged in popularity, with gourmet food enthusiasts and restaurateurs acknowledging its unique flavor profile as the best thing you can do to transform a simple meal into a deluxe experience.

Interesting Facts About Truffle Hot Sauce Recipe

Truffle hot sauce is a fascinating combination of luxury and spice, bringing together the opulence of truffles—once reserved for royalty—and the universally loved condiment, hot sauce. This unique sauce has gained global popularity for its ability to elevate a wide range of dishes with its distinctive flavor profile.

Luxury Meets Spice

Truffle hot sauce marries the opulence of truffles, once reserved for royalty, with the everyman’s condiment—hot sauce.

Global Palate Pleaser

Its universal appeal crosses continents, melding the heat favored in the Americas with Europe’s prized underground delicacy, making it a favorite worldwide.

Versatility In A Bottle

This sauce transforms everyday dishes into gourmet creations, proving a universal rule in home kitchens and upscale restaurants, showcasing its versatility.

A Boost Of Umami

Truffles are renowned for their umami, and when added to the hot sauce, they create an explosion of savory flavor that you must try, providing a unique and delightful taste experience.

Culinary Trendsetter

Chefs are constantly trying to innovate, and truffle hot sauce is a testament to their quest for the next best culinary trend, reflecting its status as a cutting-edge condiment in the culinary world.

Jar and Ingredients

What Are The Regional Adaptations Of This Sauce?

  • Italy’s Truffle Haven: Italian versions often blend regional chili oils and herbs, incorporating locally sourced truffles.
  • American BBQ Twist: Stateside adaptations might mix truffle with smoky chipotle or sweet hickory, creating a perfect companion for grilling.
  • Asian Fusion Fire: In Asia, truffle hot sauce is elevated with ingredients like soy sauce or ginger, adding a distinctive Eastern kick.
  • Latin Heat: Latin American varieties often see the addition of lime and cilantro, offering a zesty twist ideal for tacos and seafood.
  • Middle Eastern Aroma: Truffle hot sauce infuses aromatic spices like cumin and sumac, reflecting the region’s rich spice palate.

What Will Make You Love This Truffle Hot Sauce Recipe?

  • Unforgettable Flavor Profile: Truffles’ deep, musky essence combined with a spicy kick ensures a memorable taste experience.
  • Elevates Simple Dishes: A drizzle can transform the ordinary into haute cuisine, perfect for those who enjoy luxury.
  • Adventure for the Senses: It’s not just a sauce; it’s a sensory journey reminiscent of exploring exotic locales and sophisticated dining.
  • Versatile Kitchen Staple: From eggs to steaks, it pairs wonderfully with an array of foods, making it a universal rule for an impressive finish.
  • Conversation Starter: Its uniqueness will surely spark discussions at your table, making it ideal for gatherings.
  • Healthful Heat: Capsaicin from the peppers may boost metabolism, while truffles add gourmet flavor without extra calories.
  • Crafted for Connoisseurs: This sauce is a pantry must-have if you appreciate fine ingredients and bold flavors.
Bowl and Spoon

Ingredients List

Chili Peppers1 pound
Habanero Peppers3
White Vinegar2 cups
Garlic4 cloves
Black Truffle Olive Oil2 Tbsp
Sugar1 Tbsp
Xanthan Gum1/4 tsp
Organic Cumin1/2 tsp
Black Truffle Pâté1 tsp
Honey3 tsp

Ingredient Tips

  • Select Fresh Chili Peppers: For the best flavor, choose fresh, firm chili peppers with vibrant color and smooth skin.
  • Quality Truffle Oil Matters: Invest in high-quality black truffle olive oil for a more authentic and intense truffle flavor.
  • Properly Handle Habaneros: Wear gloves when handling habanero peppers to avoid skin irritation and never touch your face or eyes.
  • Aged Vinegar for Depth: Use aged white vinegar if available; it can lend a more nuanced tartness to your sauce.
  • Crush Garlic for Intensity: Crush the garlic cloves before mincing to release more natural oils and flavor.
  • Organic Cumin’s Warmth: Opt for organic cumin to ensure the purest, earthy warmth without unwanted additives.
  • Balance with Honey: The natural sweetness of honey not only balances the heat but also adds a smooth consistency.
  • Xanthan Gum for Stability: This ingredient is vital for thickening your sauce without altering the flavor; a little goes a long way.
  • Truffle Pâté for Luxe Texture: A teaspoon of truffle pâté can introduce a luxurious texture and enhance the truffle essence.
  • Sugar’s Subtle Role: A touch of sugar can round out the acidity and heat, but be careful not to overpower the truffle’s sophisticated notes.

What Are The Variations Of Truffle Sauce Recipe?

  • Vegan Truffle Hot Sauce: Swap out traditional ingredients for plant-based substitutes, like agave syrup in place of honey.
  • Creamy Truffle Aioli: Blend in mayonnaise or cashew cream for a rich, creamy variation that’s perfect for dipping.
  • Truffle Tomato Salsa: Introduce finely diced tomatoes and onions for a chunky sauce that pairs well with Mexican cuisine.
  • Sweet Truffle Glaze: Combine truffle sauce with balsamic reduction for a sweet, tangy glaze that drizzles over roasted vegetables.
  • Truffle Mustard Kick: Stir in Dijon mustard for a tangy, spicy spread ideal for sandwiches and charcuterie boards.
  • Smoky Truffle Barbecue: Infuse your truffle hot sauce with liquid smoke and molasses for a barbecue sauce with a gourmet twist.
  • Fruity Truffle Heat: Mix pureed mango or pineapple for a tropical, fruity hot sauce that still packs a punch.
  • Truffle Soy Reduction: Blend the hot sauce with soy sauce and a hint of sesame oil for an Asian-inspired condiment.
  • Herb-Infused Truffle Sauce: Add fresh herbs like thyme or rosemary to steep the sauce for an aromatic dimension.
  • Fiery Truffle Sriracha: Incorporate the flavors of traditional Sriracha while highlighting the truffle’s earthiness for a sauce with dual appeal.

Recipe Directions

  • Finely chop the chili peppers and garlic.
  • In a saucepan, sauté the chopped garlic and peppers in black truffle olive oil over medium heat until they soften.
  • Pour in the white vinegar and sprinkle the sugar, then let the mixture cook for 5 minutes on medium-low heat, stirring occasionally.
  • Remove the saucepan from the heat, cover, and allow it to cool to room temperature.
  • Transfer the cooled mixture into a blender and add the black truffle pâté and honey.
  • Blend the mixture until it becomes very smooth.
  • Strain the sauce through a fine mesh strainer to remove any solids.
  • In a small bowl, create an emulsification by whisking together 1 teaspoon of truffle olive oil, a teaspoon of vinegar, and the xanthan gum until well combined.
  • Add this emulsification back into the blender with the strained sauce and blend again to incorporate.
  • Perform a second strain to ensure a silky-smooth consistency.
  • Bottle the sauce in sterilized containers.
  • Let the sauce rest for at least 30 minutes to allow flavors to meld before serving.
  • Drizzle over your favorite dishes to enjoy a gourmet touch of heat with the luxurious truffle taste.

Experience a delicious symphony of flavors with unforgettable truffle hot sauce recipe, a treat for food lovers.

Scaling The Truffle Hot Sauce Recipe

Scaling a recipe can be as simple as doubling ingredients for a larger batch or halving them for a smaller one, but remember that precision is key, especially with strong flavors like truffle and chili. 

For larger quantities, increase the components in equal ratios, and consider the potency of the truffle oil and pâté—too much can overwhelm. 

Conversely, when reducing the recipe, decrease each element cautiously to balance the fiery heat and the truffle’s earthy notes. Always taste as you go and adjust seasoning accordingly to ensure the right harmony of flavors.

Truffle Hot Sauce

Can This Sauce Be Used As A Marinade, Dipping Sauce, Or Dressing For Salads?

Absolutely, truffle hot sauce is a multifaceted condiment that excels in various roles. As a marinade, it imparts a spicy, umami-rich flavor to meats, elevating the taste of grilled or roasted dishes. 

When diluted with oil or mayonnaise, it makes for an irresistible dipping sauce, perfect for appetizers like fried calamari or vegetable platters. 

And for salads, whisking it into a dressing adds a luxurious twist to greens and vinaigrettes. Its versatility ensures that you can enjoy its unique flavor in many culinary applications.

What Are The Best Dishes To Accompany Truffle Hot Sauce Recipe?

Gourmet Burgers

Elevate your classic burger with a swirl of truffle hot sauce for a luxurious twist.

Truffled Scrambled Eggs

A few drops in your morning eggs can transform your breakfast into a fancy brunch.

Artisanal Pizza

Drizzle atop a wood-fired pizza for a sophisticated flavor enhancement.

Grilled Seafood

Complement the delicate flavors of lobster or shrimp with this bold sauce.

Roasted Potatoes

Toss potatoes with the sauce before roasting for an indulgent side dish.

Avocado Toast

A modern classic that’s perfect with a truffle hot sauce zing.


A dab of this sauce can add depth to your steak’s flavor profile.

Mac and Cheese

Stir into this comfort food for an instant upgrade.

Vegetable Stir-Fry

Infuse your veggies with a hint of luxury.

Charcuterie Board

Pair with cheeses and cured meats for a gourmet snacking experience.

Creamy Soups

A splash in butternut squash or mushroom soup can add complexity.

Fried Chicken

Brush on for an elegant take on this Southern favorite.

Truffle Hot Sauce

What Are Some Classic Dishes That Feature Truffle Hot Sauce Recipe?

  • Truffle Hot Wings: Classic buffalo wings get a luxe upgrade with a truffle hot sauce glaze
  • Eggs Benedict with Truffle Hollandaise: Incorporate the sauce into hollandaise for a decadent breakfast.
  • Truffle-Spiced Fries: French fries become extraordinary with a sprinkle of truffle hot sauce.
  • Spicy Truffle Risotto: Stir the sauce into creamy risotto for an earthy kick.
  • Truffle Hot Sauce Caesar Salad: A few dashes in the dressing adds a bold twist.
  • Truffle Hot Shrimp Cocktail: Reinvent this classic appetizer with a truffle hot sauce-infused cocktail sauce.
  • Truffle Fire Roasted Vegetables: Roasted veggies drizzled with truffle hot sauce for a side that steals the show.
  • Spicy Truffle Cornbread: Swirl the sauce into the batter for a spicy, savory bread.
  • Truffle Hot BBQ Ribs: Brush ribs with truffle hot sauce before grilling for a smoky, spicy crust.
  • Gourmet Truffle Hot Dogs: Top artisanal hot dogs with a generous helping of truffle hot sauce.

What Are The Key Flavor Profiles And Taste Sensations That Truffle Hot Sauce Recipe Offers?

  • Earthy Undertones: Truffles’ unmistakable aroma and taste provide a grounding, woodsy base.
  • Spicy Heat: Chili and habanero peppers deliver a sharp, escalating warmth that tingles the palate.
  • Savory Umami: Truffles and fermented vinegar contribute a deep umami flavor that enhances the sauce’s complexity.
  • Subtle Sweetness: A hint of honey and sugar balances the heat with a gentle, soothing sweetness.
  • Mild Acidity: White vinegar lends a crisp, tangy edge that cuts through and brightens the overall flavor.
  • Aromatic Spices: Notes of organic cumin add a slight smokiness and spice that complement the truffle and chili.
  • Silky Texture: The sauce’s body, enriched with truffle pâté and olive oil, provides a luxurious mouthfeel.
  • Piquant Finish: Xanthan gum thickens and ensures a smooth, even flavor coating on the tongue.
Jar and Spoon

Can This Sauce Be Stored And Preserved For Future Use? What Is Its Shelf Life?

Yes, truffle hot sauce can be stored and preserved for future use. Store it in an airtight container and keep it refrigerated to ensure longevity. 

Homemade hot sauce typically has a shelf life of up to 6 months when stored properly. The high acidity from the vinegar acts as a natural preservative. 

However, the intensity of the truffle flavor may diminish over time, so it’s best to enjoy it within the first few months to savor its full complexity. Always check the sauce before use for any signs of spoilage, such as off-odors, discoloration, or mold.

What Are The Substitutes For Truffle Hot Sauce Recipe?

  • Mushroom Hot Sauce: Use finely chopped gourmet mushrooms with a dash of soy sauce for an earthy, umami-rich alternative.
  • Chipotle Truffle Sauce: Swap out the truffle for smoky chipotle peppers in adobo sauce to maintain a gourmet feel with a different flavor profile.
  • Truffle-Infused Soy Sauce: Combine soy sauce with a hint of truffle oil for a simpler yet luxurious topping.
  • Roasted Garlic Hot Sauce: Roast garlic until caramelized and blend with chili peppers for an intensely flavorful sauce with a milder truffle-like aroma.
  • Spicy Olive Oil: Infuse olive oil with red pepper flakes and a hint of garlic with gentle heat for a quick substitute.
  • Porcini Pepper Sauce: Ground-dried porcini mushrooms mixed with hot sauce can mimic the earthy taste of truffles.
  • Balsamic Hot Glaze: Reduce balsamic vinegar with a touch of honey and chili flakes for a sweet and spicy glaze.
  • Anchovy Chili Spread: Blend anchovies with red chili for a sauce that delivers a different but complex flavor profile.
  • Spicy Sesame Oil: Toasted sesame oil with red pepper provides a nutty, spicy kick suitable for Asian-inspired dishes.
  • Harissa with Truffle Essence: Mix harissa with a drop of truffle essence for a North African-inspired variant.
Truffle Hot Sauce

How To Adjust The Consistency Of The Sauce?

To adjust the consistency of truffle hot sauce, consider the following:

  • Thicker Sauce: Add more xanthan gum in small increments, blending and checking consistency after each addition.
  • Thinner Sauce: Gradually incorporate additional vinegar or water, blending until you reach the desired thinness.
  • Smoother Sauce: If you desire a silkier texture, strain the sauce through a finer mesh strainer or cheesecloth.
  • Chunkier Sauce: For more texture, reduce the blending time or hand-chop some ingredients instead of blending them.

Should We Serve The Sauce Cold Or Warm?

Truffle hot sauce is versatile and can be served either cold or warm, depending on the dish it accompanies. Serving it cold will accentuate the truffle’s earthy notes, making it perfect for drizzling over salads or as a finishing sauce for cooked meats and vegetables. 

Warming the sauce can amplify its spiciness and is ideal for stirring into hot dishes like pasta, risotto, or soups. However, avoid boiling or overheating, which could diminish the delicate truffle flavor. Generally, room temperature is best to appreciate truffle hot sauce’s full spectrum of flavors.

Truffle Hot Sauce

Nutritional Values

This Truffle Hot Sauce is relatively low in calories, with a tablespoon serving containing about 20 calories. It’s low in carbohydrates and sugars, with a modest amount of healthy fats from truffle olive oil. It provides small amounts of vitamin A and C, making it a guilt-free indulgence.

What Are The Total Calories In Truffle Hot Sauce Recipe?

The total calorie count for the truffle hot sauce recipe depends on the specific ingredients and their quantities used. However, an approximate calculation for the entire batch using the listed ingredients would be around 450-500 calories. 

This accounts for the significant ingredients like olive oil, honey, and sugar. A teaspoonful would likely contain a minimal calorie count, making it a relatively low-calorie addition to meals.

Truffle Hot Sauce

Make your meals special with simple truffle hot sauce recipe, adding a delicious and exciting twist to your dishes.

Dietary Restrictions Of The Truffle Hot Sauce Recipe

  • Vegan/Vegetarian: This recipe is suitable as long as the truffle products used are plant-based.
  • Gluten-Free: No gluten-containing ingredients are present in this recipe.
  • Dairy-Free: The recipe contains no dairy products.
  • Nut-Free: No nuts are in this sauce, making it safe for those with nut allergies.
  • Low-Carb: The recipe is low in carbohydrates.
  • Paleo: Ingredients like sugar and xanthan gum may not comply with strict paleo guidelines.
  • Keto: The sugar and honey are high in carbs and not keto-friendly.
  • Low-FODMAP: Garlic is high in FODMAPs, which might not be suitable for this diet.

Nutrition Table

Nutrition Table

What Are The Common Mistakes While Making This Sauce?

  • Overusing Truffle Oil: Adding too much can overpower other flavors.
  • Undercooking the Peppers: Not sautéing the peppers long enough can leave a raw, harsh taste.
  • Skipping the Strain: Failing to strain correctly can result in a gritty texture.
  • Incorrect Xanthan Gum Ratio: Too much can make the sauce gummy, too little can leave it watery.
  • Not Balancing Flavors: Neglecting to balance the sweetness, acidity, and heat can lead to a one-note sauce.
  • Overheating the Sauce: High heat can diminish the delicate flavor of truffle.
  • Insufficient Blending: Not blending enough can leave the sauce chunky instead of smooth.
  • Ignoring Quality of Ingredients: Using low-quality truffle products can significantly affect the final taste.
  • Improper Storage: Storing the sauce in a non-airtight container can cause it to spoil faster.
  • Lack of Tasting: Not tasting and adjusting the sauce as you go can result in a less-than-perfect final product.

What Are Some Creative Uses Of Leftover Sauce?

  • Truffle Vinaigrette: Whisk with olive oil and balsamic vinegar for a salad dressing.
  • Spicy Truffle Mayo: Mix into mayonnaise for a sandwich spread or burger topping.
  • Truffle Hot Marinade: Use as a marinade for meats before grilling or roasting.
  • Zesty Truffle Dip: Blend with sour cream or Greek yogurt for a dip with a kick.
  • Truffle Hot Hummus: Stir into homemade hummus for a spicy, earthy flavor.
  • Truffle Popcorn Drizzle: Toss with popcorn for a gourmet movie night snack.
  • Spicy Truffle Butter: Infuse into melted butter for drizzling over steamed vegetables or fresh bread.
  • Truffle Hot Bloody Mary: Add to a Bloody Mary for a luxurious brunch cocktail.
  • Truffle Hot Potato Salad: Elevate your potato salad with a few tablespoons of sauce.
  • Truffle Hot Chocolate: Stir into hot chocolate for an unexpected spicy twist.
Bowl and Spoon

Special Tools & Equipment Needed

  • Blender or Food Processor: For blending ingredients into a smooth sauce.
  • Fine Mesh Strainer: Essential for achieving a silky texture by removing solids.
  • Saucepan: Needed for sautéing and simmering the ingredients.
  • Glass Bottles or Mason Jars: For storing the sauce.
  • Funnel: Helps in transferring the sauce into bottles without spilling.
  • Cutting Board: For chopping peppers and garlic.
  • Chef’s Knife: For finely chopping the ingredients.
  • Measuring Spoons and Cups: For precise ingredient measurements.
  • Rubber Spatula: To scrape the sauce from the blender and through the strainer.
  • Kitchen Gloves: To protect hands from chili burn when handling hot peppers.
  • Whisk: To mix the xanthan gum with vinegar and oil properly.
  • Airtight Storage Containers: If not using immediately, for keeping the sauce fresh.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Make The Sauce Less Spicy?

Yes, you can adjust the spice level by reducing the number of habanero peppers or removing their seeds and membranes, which contain most of the heat. The truffle flavor will still come through strongly, but the overall heat of the sauce will be milder.

Is This Sauce Gluten-Free?

Yes, the truffle hot sauce recipe is naturally gluten-free as it contains no wheat, barley, rye, or any gluten-containing products. However, always check your vinegar and other packaged ingredients to ensure they are certified gluten-free.

How Long Does Homemade Truffle Hot Sauce Last?

When stored properly in an airtight container in the refrigerator, homemade truffle hot sauce can last up to 6 months. The vinegar acts as a preservative but always check for signs of spoilage before use.

Can I Use White Truffle Oil Instead Of Black Truffle Oil?

Yes, white truffle oil can be used as a substitute for black truffle oil. It will give the sauce a slightly different flavor profile, with the white truffle offering a more garlicky and intense flavor than the black truffle’s earthier notes.

How Can I Use Truffle Hot Sauce Aside From As A Condiment?

Truffle hot sauce is versatile; it can be used in marinades, dressings, and dips. Mix it into mayonnaise for a spicy aioli, whisk it into vinaigrettes, stir into hummus, or even spice up a Bloody Mary cocktail.

10-Minutes Truffle Hot Sauce (Rich Earthy Flavors)

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This Truffle Hot Sauce is a luxurious twist on traditional hot sauces, blending the intense heat of fresh chili and habanero peppers with the rich, earthy depth of black truffle. Perfectly balanced with sweetness from honey and a tang from white vinegar, it’s finished with a hint of organic cumin for a subtle smoky undertone. 


  • 1 pound 1 Chili Peppers

  • 3 3 Habanero Peppers

  • 2 cups 2 White Vinegar

  • 4 cloves 4 Garlic

  • 2 tbsp 2 Black Truffle Olive Oil

  • 1 tbsp 1 Sugar

  • 1/4 tsp 1/4 Xanthan Gum

  • 1/2 tsp 1/2 Organic Cumin

  • 1 tsp 1 Black Truffle Pâté

  • 3 tsp 3 Honey

Step-By-Step Directions

  • Prep Ingredients
    Finely chop 1 pound of chili peppers and 4 cloves of garlic.
  • Sauté
    Heat 2 tablespoons of black truffle olive oil in a saucepan over medium heat.
    Add the chopped garlic and peppers to the saucepan.
    Sauté until they become soft.
  • Simmer
    Stir in 2 cups of white vinegar and 1 tablespoon of sugar.
    Cook the mixture for 5 minutes on medium-low heat.
  • Cool
    Remove the saucepan from the heat.
    Cover it and let it cool to room temperature.
  • Blend
    Transfer the cooled mixture to a blender.
    Add 1 teaspoon of black truffle pâté and 3 teaspoons of honey.
  • Puree
    Blend the mixture until it is very smooth.
  • Strain
    Pour the sauce through a fine mesh strainer to remove any solids.
  • Emulsify
    In a small bowl, whisk together 1 teaspoon of truffle olive oil, 1 teaspoon of vinegar, and 1/4 teaspoon of xanthan gum to create an emulsifying mixture.
  • Blend Again
    Add the emulsifying mixture back into the blender with the strained sauce.
    Blend until fully incorporated.
  • Strain Again
    Strain the sauce a second time to ensure a smooth consistency.
  • Bottle
    Using a funnel, pour the sauce into clean bottles or jars.
  • Rest
    Let the sauce sit for a while to allow the flavors to meld together.
  • Enjoy
    Your homemade truffle hot sauce is ready to be enjoyed with your favorite dishes.

Recipe Video


  • For a milder sauce, deseed some or all of the habanero peppers.
  • Quality of truffle oil and pâté is paramount; opt for the best available to ensure a superior taste.
  • Xanthan gum can be omitted for a thinner sauce if preferred.
  • The sauce’s flavor develops over time, so consider making it a day ahead.
  • Always handle hot peppers carefully, and consider wearing gloves to prevent irritation.

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