Hi, I’m Yulia Ozlem, and I’m the founder of ‘SauceChick,’ a platform where I share my love for sauces worldwide. I’m a mom of two, and I know how hard it can be to get kids to eat their veggies. But everything changed when I went on a trip with my family and discovered how sauces can make any dish more yummy and fun.

I love to explore different cuisines and cultures, which I have been doing with my travels for many years. I realized that sauces are the secret to making any dish more delicious and exciting. I was amazed by how different cultures and cuisines use sauces to add flavor and variety to their food. Whether it’s a tangy dip, a spicy sauce, or a creamy dressing, sauces can make your meal more exciting and satisfying.

I love hosting parties and making my guests happy with my food. And sauces are my secret weapon. They make everything taste better and more fun. I enjoy seeing my friends dip their food into my sauces and smile with every bite. That’s what makes me feel awesome.


I have a background in Hospitality Management, specializing in Restaurant and Food Service, so I know a thing or two about creating easy, healthy, delicious sauces. I also completed a Plant Based Cooking course with Rouxbe Online Cooking School, where I learned how to make sauces with plant-based ingredients that are good for you and the planet. I started ‘SauceChick’ to share my recipes with others looking for ways to spice up their dishes and enjoy eating well.

On ‘SauceChick,’ you’ll find sauce recipes inspired by different regions and cuisines, each with a story behind it. You’ll also learn how to pair sauces with different foods and use them in everyday cooking. I hope you’ll join me on this tasty journey and discover the magic of sauces with ‘SauceChick.’ Welcome aboard, folks!